Online Ordering
Marketing Service
Still don't have a website for your business?
Do you want to have an online payment gateway and become an e-commerce entity?
We offers full e-commerce service solutions for you.
We can integrate our gateway and payment soluutions into your website with no charges for front-end and back- end management.
  • doneFree Website
  • doneYour Own Domain
  • doneCustomize Design
  • doneSimple Checkout
  • doneShipping & Tracking
  • doneSEO Optimized
  • doneInventory Management
  • doneBackend Management
Online Ordering
  • Your Own Domain
  • Customize Design
  • Simple Checkout
  • Online Reservation
  • Cloud Base
  • Free Online Menu
  • Ads
  • E-Discounts & Promotions
  • Share Reviews and Comments
  • Apps @ Apple Store & Google Play
Dinners place an order
You receive order information
Deliver or customer pickup
Get paid automatically
Marketing Service
We Promote Your Business
We Facilitate Your Business
We Perfect Your Business
  • Business Logo
  • Own Mobile App
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • WeChat
  • Yelp Rating
  • Email Marketing
  • Events
  • Marketing Capacity
  • Marketing Margin
  • Marketing Trend
  • Brand Position
  • Marketing Strategy
We Can Promote Your Business
E-Gift & Loyalty Card
  • Customize Your Loyalty Card
  • Grow and Keep Long-Term Customer Base
  • Save Time and Plastic
Mobile Coupon / APP Integration
  • Provide electronic coupons to have
  • a more convenient trading experience
  • Integrate the coupons into our mobile app
Run Your Business Smarter
Improve Future Efforts
More Boost Promotions
Better Targeting Your Marketing
  • Demographic Data
  • Weekly Trends
  • Business Comparisons
  • Weather Trends
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Product Insights
We Can Customize An App For You
With our full set of M-commerce services, it is easy to create your own App, one that provides a secured payment solution to enhance your customers’ payment experience. We can host and maintain your apps. Mobile Store with Payment, Turning browsing to revenue, makes your clients’ experience the most efficient and convenient M-commerce experience possible.
Have An App Already
For clients who have their own apps for their businesses, we can integrate our flexible SDK and API tools into your app and provide payment solutions for your business. We have the best engineers and technology to help you integrate Zbest Pay to your M-commerce app.
Start your own mobile store
Connect with your clients
Coupons pushed Ads
Report analytics
Grow your business