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It used to be that POS systems were only meant for enterprises or businesses willing to invest in a lot of complicated equipment. However, with the advent of Tab POS applications and decreased manufacturing costs, tab POS options become more popular and make payment processing easier and faster.
iPad POS
  • Cloud-Base
  • Customize Your Design
  • Wifi, 3G, 4G Bluetooth-Always On
  • Real-time Management Your Entire Business
Revel System
  • Third Party App integration:Payroll, Gift Cards, online ordering, E-Commerce Platform, PayPal, Apple Pay
  • iPad and iPhone All IOS Device
  • EMV Card Reader
  • Printer, Scanner
Android POS
  • Cloud-Based Solution
  • Tab, Web, and Mobile Response Same Time
  • Android Pay
  • Easy Manage: Inventory, Employee, Customer, Appointment
  • E-Coupons/ E-Promotions
  • Flex Gift/ E-Gift Features
  • 10.1’’ Tablet / 15’’ Tablet
  • Docking Station
  • Wifi Bluetooth Enabled
  • Disassemble Body and Stand
  • Peripherals: Scanner, Printer, Scale, Cash Drawer
Clover Mobile
  • Business Dashboard
  • Customize System
  • Cloud-Based
  • Clover Mobile 3G, WiFi
  • APP Market
  • PIN Debit
  • Build in Scanner
  • EMV/ NFC
  • 3Track Magstripe Reader
  • Clover Mobile Dock